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AA Barbeque Restaruant

AA is Legendary for thier Barbeque in Cebu! AA delivers the award-winning ribs, chicken and fish dishes in a unique and friendly family atmosphere. Come see why AA Barbeque is the Barbeque of choice Cebuanos and visitors alike.

We also offer 100% FREE CALLS TO THE USA for each customer!

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Kagura Authentic Japanese Restaurant & Health Spa

Kagura Japanese Restaurant & health Spa in Mandaue city, Cebu is a newly opened Japanese restaurant along A.S. Fortuna St in Barangay Banilad, Mandaue City. Located just beside AA Barbecue and Grill along the business stretch of Banilad in Mandaue City, this Japanese restaurant is carving a name in Cebu’s restaurant industry. What sets it apart from all the other Japanese restaurants is its set up, which is very accessible. You don’t have to go up the stairs in order to dine. Upon entering the establishment, traditional Japanese tables without chairs are arranged orderly in the dining room. Guests are only sitting on the floor cross-legged. This is the traditional Japanese sitting position when dining. However, there are also rooms with long tables and chairs for those who wish to really sit down when eating or those who would like to have privacy. These rooms are ideal for meetings and other social gatherings consisting of a not so large group.

They serve Japanese menus like the usual California maki, tuna sashimi, and chicken and beef teriyaki, ebi tempura cooked the Kagura way. You can also cook your fish and meet dinner should you wish to do so. They have all the choices you want in a Japanese cuisine. Their appetizers are also mouth watering. It was the first time I tasted some and I really liked them. Foods are also served on time and you don’t have to wait long enough to the extent of loosing your appetite. It is service at its best. Furthermore, after dining out, their receptionists will give you candies as a sweet way of saying, “please come back!”

People should never leave this restaurant without a pack of Moringa tea. This tea is a natural way of protecting our immune system from harmful free radicals that can cause sickness and ailments. You should try it too. One pack costs around P500.00. Not bad for somebody who wants to have a healthier body and long life. Go to Kagura Restaurant and experience it yourself.

Welcome to the Official Website of Kagura, an Authentic Japanese Restaurant with authentic Japanese Food and Cuisine. We are the single most sought for restaurant in Mandaue Cebu, Philippines for our Exelent food, service and Japanese Cuisine. Kagura is conveniently located in A.S. Fortuna Street Mandaue City

Cebu has a few famous restaurants where the tables are always booked and the chefs are superstars. These restaurants are hot for one reason, they ensure your dining experience will be unforgettable and If you’re looking for great service and creative, delicious food, you’re sure to find it Kagura Authentic Japanese Restaurant and Cuisine.

We at Kagura have a large selection of Japanese Cuisine, you can see all our dishes on our

Dinning Menu Page .

Kagura is also a perfect place for you, your family and friends to hang out and socially converse, with a wonderful ambiance which makes your dinning experience just that much better, Kagura also boasts a magnificent Spa and Massage Lounge where you, your friends and family can be pampered like kings, queens, princess and princesses.

Meaning Behind Kagura

Kagura (神楽, かぐら, “god-entertainment”) is a Japanese word referring to a specific type of Shinto theatrical dance – with roots arguably predating those of Noh. Once strictly a ceremonial art derived from kami’gakari (神懸, かみがかり, “oracular divination”) and chinkon (鎮魂, ちんこん, “spirit pacification”), Kagura has evolved in many directions over the span of a millennium. Today it is very much a living tradition, with rituals tied to the rhythms of the agricultural calendar, as well as vibrant Kabuki-esque theatre, thriving primarily in parts of Shimane prefecture, and urban centers such as Hiroshima.

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