February, 2012

168 Ramen House

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Tajimaya Restaurant

TAJIMAYA provides terrific selection of delicious sliced beef which you can choose to broil on a grill by yourself, but if you don’t know how to cook you just ask staff to do it for you. The name of TAJIMAYA is famous in Japan because of brand name.

Tajimaya is located at the far end of Crossroads Mall, Banilad, Cebu City, Philippines. The fancy interiors, definitely different from general image of yakiniku restaurant. There is no smoke at this restaurant, very unusual for yakiniku restaurant. Not at all? no smoke? The trick? At Tajimaya’s, they use a high tech “Smoke Free Char-Grill”. Completely Smoke Free and no worries for smell and smoke.

And impressive factor of Tajimaya restaurant is their meats, they have every type of high quality meats, the price however is surprisingly reasonable for the best of the best. And I must admit, no matter what dish you order a quality meal is what you will get here. All the side menus are homemade and tasty to the pallet.

On the second floor, there are private rooms that can accommodate 6 to 20 people. If you would like to reserve one of the private rooms, please call in advance to book.

If your looking for a great place to dine out in Cebu, unwind and relax with a cozy atmosphere and great food then this is the restaurant of choice.

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Red Mango

You favorite healthy treat

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Imperial Palace

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Olio Steak and Seafood Restaurant

In the mood for some mouthwatering oysters? Get your oyster fix at Olio Bar and Restaurant as it cooks up another sizzling treat for you this July.

Olio not only whips out a fantastic, yummy menu selection, it also instantly doubles your oyster plate for every order.

Olio’s resident chef surprises with eight different ways you can enjoy this delectable shellfish. So there’s a different cooking style to please every oyster fan. Pick one to suit your taste. Or, you can satisfy your palate some more by trying out at least four varieties at the same time through Olio’s oyster special plate.

Oysters are always served fresh so you can be assured of only the best quality. Complement this sumptuous selection with cocktails and share with friends for a truly unforgettable feasting experience!

This special promo at Olio is valid until today only, so order your oyster plate now and get your second one on the house!

Located in Crossroads, Banilad, Olio provides a place for people of every age to gather and share an excellent meal and great conversations. Olio is well suited for a cool drink after work, a quick and satisfying lunch, a night out with friends, after dinner cocktails or a hearty meal with your family.

Olio Bar and Restaurant (Crossroads, Banilad)
The restaurant offers a 7-course meal for P2,000+ per person. Dinner is a set menu that includes lobsters and scallops, a choice of beef tenderloin, lamb or seafood for the main course, and strawberry sorbet and tiramisu ice cream plus a glass of wine.

Olio opens Mondays through Sundays. For reservations, you may call 232-3589


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Yellow Cab Pizza

Pizza House

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